Saturday, August 05, 2006


Prescriptions for a President´s Recovery

As soon as the news was out about Fidel Castro´s illness, so were the prescriptions from the U.S. as how to deal with the situation. The first dictate was for the Cubans in Miami not to move and those living in Cuba to "work for democratic change" accompanied by all sorts of promises of U.S. aid, i.e. intervention, in the island´s domestic affairs.
Repercussion has been overwhelming, mostly wishes for a speedy recovery of the President´s health, from the own Cuban people and from abroad. Others, the few, prematurely rejoicing and bluntly saying they were packing their bags to recover their abandoned (and put to better use) properties in the island.
Rhetoric about a "pacific transition" is accompanied by calls on the Cuban military to bring about the change, i.e. carry out a coup d´etat. Alienating all internal support, the current Administration even includes in the Bush Plan for Transition in Cuba the radical cut in social expenditures like retirement benefits and pensions to the disabled.
Who is going to enforce such actions? The Miami hard-core terrorists or the Marines? Whichever force they pick, there has to be an expert, analyst or the like in the dozens of think-tanks and University institutions in the U.S. who is rational enough to tell Washington they will only obtain the opposite effect by using force.
Living in Cuba for the past six decades, having experienced the before and after of the Revolution, I can tell you that resistance to any foreign intervention, be it rhetorical or physical will only bring about more suffering and a meaningless bloodbath.
In spite of the hardships endured, domestic or imposed from abroad, Cuba surprises the world with its achievements in health and education, egalitarian system, protection of the most vulnerable segments of society, making every resource count. That´s why the same people who fight corruption, demand more transport and food on their tables will take a stand beside the Revolutionary government, because it has delivered the goods, those of a dignified human living.
The majority is convinced Fidel will recover his health. If he assumes command of his previous posts or decides to retire because of ill health or old age, that will not cause an upheaval in their life.
That explains why for the last week, this small still underdeveloped country, has gone about its daily activities as usual, a little sadder, but confident that the people in charge will put their interests first.
Although i am not Cuban, I have lived in the beautiful island for a year. Although not completely in agreement with all the policies of the Coban government, i belive that Cuab has indeed performed miracles. At the end of the day, what I believe is not important to what "should" happen to Cuba and nor do the opinions of the US government or even the exiles in Miami. To say that "we" (i.e. the rich nations) should "liberate" the poor Cubans is utterly condesending and insulting to Cubans.
I was happy to find your blog Elsy (through global voices)

I am an American living in Los Angeles, who was lucky enough to have visited Cuba in 2003. I had the best trip of my life - what a beautiful and cultivated people and country.

I agree with your assessment that the US needs to stay out of Cubas affairs, including ending the illegal TV transmissions I understand are now daily. Fortunately, it seems most people with a brain agree. Plus the Bush Admin. can't afford another headache thankfully.

The calmness and sadness on display on Cuba this past week has been a watershed event for Americans I think. Very many - even some experts - expected a counter-revolution, or uprising of some sort. Plus many US newspapers printed dozens of everyday Cuban's positive opinions on Fidel and the Revolution. Most have never heard these things before.

Still, Cuba's enemies in Washington DC and Miami are never bothered with facts or realities. Their political leaders still parroted the old lines, urge the US to get more involved, and cling to a fantasy that the Cuban Govt. is lying about the recovery. They are showing how out of touch they are... like during Elian.

Please also check out my blog, which focuses on Latin America and the Carribean, but mostly on Cuba.
Viva Fidel!
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