Monday, February 07, 2005


DairyAmerica Inc. Sells Powder Milk to Cuba for USD$22 million

Keith Murfield, president of DairyAmerica, Inc. a US dairy products company based in Fresno, California, ratified here on February 3 the interest of US entrepreneurs in establishing normal commercial links with Cuba.
Murfield advocated for establishing two-way commercial relations with Cuba based on mutual respect and favored the elimination of restrictions.
Cuban food import company ALIMPORT signed an agreement for the purchase of 10,000 tons of powder milk from Dairy America, for more than 22 million dollars. ALIMPORT president, Pedro Alvarez signed for the Cuban part.
Murfield said that both parties have fulfilled their commitments and his visit contributes to let know about the Cuban market"s potential in the US.
Alvarez was thankful for the work of congressmen and businesspeople from the US who promote the establishment of commercial relations in normal conditions.
Under the administration of US President George W. Bush, restrictions have been tightened. In June 2004, he limited chances for travelling to Cuba even more, among other unilateral measures.
Since the beginning of this incipient one-way trade in 2001, up to now, Cuba has imported US farm products for more than 1.4 billion dollars, with a volume of more than 3.918 million metric tons. Cuba has made its payments on time, despite the inexistence of direct banking relations.
According to official sources, since the beginning of the conversations, ALIMPORT has contacted more than 3,900 companies from 45 US states, and more than 3,000 US businessmen have visited Cuba.

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