Monday, March 07, 2005


Sandinista Congress Demands Release of Cuban Five

Havana, Mar 7. The Congress of the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) approved a resolution of solidarity with Cuba, demanding the immediate release of five Cubans imprisoned in the US for trying to thwart terrorist actions against the island.
The text denounces the worsening the US blockade against the Caribbean island as of a group of measures adopted June 30, 2004 by the US government aimed to reduce the entry of dollars here, restricting Cuban-Americans from travel to their native land and reducing ways to send remittances and packages.
The document also alerts against the dangers of an aggression against Cuba as a result of that aggressive policy, and calls for the people of the world to redouble their solidarity with the largest of the Antilles.
Another aspect of the resolution is the collaboration benefits between Havana and Nicaragua in education and health fields, and the return to the homeland of the first 178 Nicaraguan physicians graduated in Cuba.
Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Laba¤ino and Rene Gonzalez were arrested in 1998 in the United States, charged with conspiracy and convicted by a Miami court to harsh sentences ranging from 15 years to double life imprisonment.
Their real crime was gathering information about terrorist plots by anti-Cuban organizations in Miami, Florida, in an effort to prevent the deaths of Cuban and even United States citizens.
The FSLN top meeting appointed Daniel Ortega as candidate of the FSLN and National Convergence Party to the presidential elections scheduled for November 2006.
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