Saturday, April 16, 2005


Hot Potato on Bush´s Court

People in Cuba can´t help but wonder what is the use of International Law and multilateral organizations if they contribute to and support violations of basic principles as the right of prisoners to a fair trial and not be tortured as they have been lately in Iraq and Guantanamo, no less than is usual practice in US prisons.
Take the UN Commission on Human Rights for instance. An increasing movement in member countries against a US resolution accusing Cuba of human rights violations, which has included politicians, personalities of the cultural and scientific communities, businesspeople, trade unions and parliaments all over the Western hemisphere has demanded their governments to vote against the spurious document introduced by the US delegation in Geneva.
One of the most evident cases of protecting a terrorist, while proclaiming a crusade against terrorism, is intending to give Luis Posada Carriles´ an asylum status, after all that has been said, published and sanctioned by a court in Venezuela which found him guilty of masterminding and making a Cubana airplane explode in 1976 after leaving Barbados for Havana with 73 passengers on board.
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If there was any room left for doubt about the terrorist nature of these extreme-right murderers, a conversation was screened today over the TV between Santiago Alvarez, Posada Carriles´ alleged lawyer and a man who was already under arrest by Cuban authorities on Alvarez´ instructions to engage in sabotages to different objectives in the island, in particular the famous Tropicana cabaret.
There is a lot more evidence in possession of the Cuban government that demanded from Washington an answer to the abundant and serious charges made by president Fidel Castro in three TV appearances this week.
The hot potato is now in Bush´s court.
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