Monday, May 09, 2005


Sixty years after, symptoms of Fascism gain ground

The surrender of German arms on this day of 1945 did not do away with fascism, in spite of the dozens of millions of human beings that lost their lives in the Second World War.
Helped by the world´s unipolarity, an hegemonic system is imposed today on the six billion persons inhabiting the planet. Torture flourishes, terrorism is fanned by fundamentalist beliefs, not only in Islamism or Sionism but also among Christians, like the ones who backed George W. Bush and helped reelect him.
A culture of violence is trying to override pacifism and the solution of world differences at the negotiation table. No arguments are needed to invade Iraq, Afghanistan or have prisoners tortured in the US Base of Guantanamo or any hidden detainment centers throughout the world´s geography.
Rational, peace-loving people, of any creed or political affiliation, are summoned to prevent Fascism from gaining a stronghold once again. Thousands of personalities of the culture, legislative bodies, science and the business communities have already called to avert the threat.
Don´t lag behind, express yourself and join the voices that cry out against war and violence in any of its forms, from home to armed confrontation in any of the world´s hot spots.
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