Wednesday, May 18, 2005


There is No Such Thing as a Little Voice

Over 1.2 million Havana residents marched on Tuesday through the sea drive -malecon- in another great occasion for demanding the arrest and extradition to Venezuela of notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.
Surprisingly, that same day shortly after the giant march got underway, things were happening in Miami. The confessed terrorist gave a press conference in some warehouse in Hialeah, denied having anything to do with the bombing of a Cuban civil airplane in 1976 and declared the US as his best ally in the war against Cuba.
Soon after that and the interview published by The Miami Herald that same day, authorities were compelled to do "something" and thus agents of the Home Security Department, took him "gently and friendly-like" to some migration detention center, obviously to buy time until the White House decides what it will do with this embarassing "creature" of its own creation.
Victims of the numerous terrorist actions perpetrated by Posada and his accomplices, as well as the families of those killed by them have been claiming for justice, not vengeance, after more than 30 years. They now fear as the rest of Cubans that they may never see justice served.
A month ago, however, when versions got around that Posada had managed to enter US territory and was hiding out in Miami until he was given formally asylum, Fidel Castro engaged on a real communications crusade, with TV and radio broadcasts from the Convention Palace every second day or at least three times a week. People wondered if this would have any bearing at all on the case.
Now things are moving through international pressure. Not only Venezuela claims extradition, Chile wants Posada and Bosch´s relation to Pinochet´s DINA and the murder of Orlando Letelier be clarified. Other serious research on the JFK case even place Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch, Guillermo Novo Sampol, Felix Rodriguez and others in the Dallas plaza where John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Nearby, George Bush senior was watching the magnicide unfold. Everything smells so fishy, it´s frightening, to say the least.
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