Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Wilma Gone, Cuba Recovering

Havana, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) Cuba began recovery works Tuesday after 10 days of hurricane Wilma roaring off the Island, with no death reports but large damage to agriculture due to torrential rains and floodings.
Pinar del Río, the most ravaged province, returned to normal life after four days of heavy rains and strong winds.
The western Cuban province is facing a very complex situation due to the heavy rains on land that is already saturated with water.
The Cuban capital has already started to recover, where the sea flooding was more intense, chiefly in those areas close to the Havana´s sea drive wall.
Pinar del Rio province´s Defense Council reported damages in agriculture, mainly in the banana and yucca crops, as well as in tobacco and vegetable seedbeds.
After more than three days of heavy rains, strong winds and sea flooding, the Isle of Youth also started its recovery phase.
The massive mobilization is focused on the recovery of agricultural products found in flooded fields or damaged plantations and their distribution to the population. Over 2,600 tons of grapefruit are expected to be picked up.
Power service was totally restored on the Isle of Youth and most evacuated residents returned to their homes. Sea and air transport was restored Tuesday in that special Cuban municipality, as well as the phone service.
National long distance and international phone service is also working with no difficulty.
The Ministry of Education decided to start classes again Tuesday, except in those schools still damaged by flooding.
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