Friday, April 06, 2007


Cuba and Religious Tolerance

Thousands of believers took part in Holy Week processions in Cuba organized by Catholic Church parishes throughout the country. For one, in my parish the march over six blocks was filled almost to that extension and many more neighbors stood supportingly from their porches.
When I read the news of how many people had died during the commemoration of this week in Central America and also in Spain, I said to myself that they were not protected like they were in my parish, where policemen stood to stop cars from interrupting the march and there was an ambulance tailing behind to pick up anyone who felt sick.
It is that time of the year when millions of people in the world, regardless of their religious or political beliefs make their very personal conscience exam. Holy Week promotes this behavior. It has become obvious, however, that a globalized world has not brought us any closer to the better human beings we should be.
The Pope Benedict XVI for one, has announced the publishing of his book "Jesus of Nazareth" with very surprising harsh criticisms of the wealthy of the world who have plundered and looted the poor as those in Africa and Latin America, harming them not only physically but also spiritually, trying to deprive them of their traditions and autoctonous culture.
In the first ten chapters that will see the light in Germany, Italy and Poland on April 16, date of the Pope´s 80th birthday. he meditates on the parable of the Good Samaritan that takes care of a stranger who was assaulted by robbers. At this point he proved right what Karl Marx had said about the alienation of the human being. Although he finds Marx too harsh in his consideration of the issue, he says that is exactly what has happened, as rich countries are trying to impose their godless society on the poor people of the world.
It may come to be that Benedict XVI will make a mark in his mandate as Pope. Let´s hope so.
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